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If you are in need of sign refurbishing in Cape Coral, contact our team at Advacentek!  We provide sign refurbishing in Cape Coral and all surrounding areas for all types of business signs.  From LED signs and architectural signs to pole signs and more, we can transform your run-down or faded sign into a durable, eye-catching creation!   Contact our team today and let’s get started creating your new, refreshing sign!

Tips for Creating a Durable Outdoor Sign

For most businesses, it is important to have at least one storefront business sign to identify your business.  This allows for customers to find your location and can also advertise your business to those passing by.  With creating a business sign, or refurbishing an existing one, it is crucial to consider the resilience of their materials.

In Florida, we face many climate changes including humid, wet, windy and even severe weather in the event of a hurricane.  Each of these conditions will affect your business sign, especially if made with improper materials.  Rain can affect your sign’s electrical components if they aren’t waterproof and sealed off, UV rays can bleach and dry out some materials, and strong winds can affect the overall integrity if it’s installed with inferior fixtures. For these reasons, it’s important to work with a sign company that understands what’s required for an exterior sign to stand up to the elements.

At Advancetek, we understand the importance of your business and having a durable business sign.  With over 30 years of experience in the signage industry, our team has gained a thorough understanding on the materials needed to create a long-lasting and durable outdoor sign.  Using cutting edge technology and quality materials, we can create and fabricate custom signage for many businesses.

Your Business, Your Sign, Your Reputation.

One of your first impressions you give to your potential customers is through your custom signage outside your business. Worn out and dimly lit signs are not very attractive and can negatively impact how a customer sees your business. Keep your reputation and your signage clean with sign refurbishing by AdvanceTek.

sign refurbishing cape coral

Why we are different

AdvanceTek is a comprehensive sign engineering, manufacturing and service company with 30 years of experience in the industry. We fabricate all signs in-house. At Advancetek, we pride ourselves on excellent reputation and hard work that is integrated into every project.  Our signage experts use cutting edge technologies to ensure that you get the best quality product at very competitive prices. We take great care to ensure that every job leaving our facility is something we are extremely proud of. Our business is family-owned and operated with the mission to help you stand out from the crowd with our specialty traditional signage, lighted signs, graphics and much more. 

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sign refurbishing clewiston
sign refurbishing clewiston

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