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When it comes to designing the perfect custom sign in Fort Myers, the team at AdvanceTek has you covered!  With over 30 years of experience in the signage industry, our professionals have helped hundreds of clients with their custom signs.  When it comes to signs, there is no job too big or too small for AdvanceTek.  We utilize the best quality materials along with some of the most advanced cutting edge technology to create stunning, eye-catching custom signs.  Contact us today to get started on your creation!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Business Signs

Designing a custom sign is all about getting creative to create a unique look for your business.  With the use of custom business signs, you can promote and expand your business, but only if they are design well.  Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of business signs to help you create an effective sign:


Do Consider Location:

The location of your sign is a key part for ensuring visitors will see it.  Choosing a place that can be seen from multiple directions will allow customers both near and far to find you. 


Don't Blend In:

When creating your custom sign, you want it to be unique to your business – this will help you stand out from other surrounding businesses! 


Do Use Your Name and Logo:

Including both your name and logo allows customers to associate the two together.  As your brand continues to grow, especially if you become a national brand, then your may find you don’t need to use your name in every instance, but until then, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Don't Over Do It:

While it is important to include your business name, it is not necessary to include your business phone number, address, email, and website on your sign.  This can lead to a cluttered look and make it less appealing to viewers.

Types of Custom Signs


Parking Signs


Engraved Brass Signs


License Plates


& more!

Benefits of Custom Signs

Brand Your Business

Give your company a unique image that will leave a lasting impression on customers.

Attract New Customers

8 in 10 people state they have visited a new business, simply based on it’s unique signage.

Boost Profits

Having signage for your business can aid in boosting your business’ profits. Studies have show that store front signs can boost sales up to 7.7%.


For a one time cost, a custom business sign is as effective as purchasing 24 full-page newspaper ads.

Why we are different

AdvanceTek is a comprehensive sign engineering, manufacturing and service company with 30 years of experience in the industry. We fabricate all signs in-house. At Advancetek, we pride ourselves on excellent reputation and hard work that is integrated into every project.  Our signage experts use cutting edge technologies to ensure that you get the best quality product at very competitive prices. We take great care to ensure that every job leaving our facility is something we are extremely proud of. Our business is family-owned and operated with the mission to help you stand out from the crowd with our specialty traditional signage, lighted signs, graphics and much more. 

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custom signs fort myers
custom signs fort myers
custom signs fort myers
custom signs fort myers

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