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Boost Your Brand with Custom Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are a powerful branding tool featuring dimensional letters that elevate any business, organization, or retail outlet. At AdvanceTek, we specialize in designing and installing channel letter signs for Fort Myers businesses that exceed expectations. Enhance your storefront, make a lasting impression, and elevate your brand presence with our custom solutions. Ready to stand out? Contact AdvanceTek today to learn more and get started.

Tips for Designing your Custom Channel Letter Sign

  • Choose Style: Decide on standard, halo (reverse lit), or front/back lit.
  • Select Font and Size: Pick a legible font and size that fits your space.
  • Color Scheme: Choose colors that reflect your brand.
  • Add Features: Include logos, graphics, or additional elements.

Benefits of Channel Letter Signs

Builds Brand Awareness

Channel lettering signs are highly visible, especially at night when they can be illuminated. This makes them ideal for attracting attention and ensuring that your business is noticed, even from a distance.


Channel lettering allows for customization in terms of font, size, color, and lighting options. This means you can create a sign that perfectly aligns with your brand identity and stands out in a unique way.


The 3D effect of channel lettering gives off a professional and polished look to your business signage. This can help create a positive first impression on customers and convey a sense of reliability and credibility.

Cost Effective

Once installed, channel lettering signs require minimal maintenance and operating costs compared to other forms of advertising. They provide continuous visibility for your business without ongoing expenses.

Why we are different

AdvanceTek is a comprehensive sign engineering, manufacturing and service company with 30 years of experience in the industry. We fabricate all signs in-house. At Advancetek, we pride ourselves on excellent reputation and hard work that is integrated into every project.  Our signage experts use cutting edge technologies to ensure that you get the best quality product at very competitive prices. We take great care to ensure that every job leaving our facility is something we are extremely proud of. Our business is family-owned and operated with the mission to help you stand out from the crowd with our specialty traditional signage, lighted signs, graphics and much more. 

Our Latest Work

Channel Letter signs
Channel Letter signs

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