First Impressions Last: The Importance Of Business Signs In Raising Brand Awareness

The digital era has remarkably changed the marketing landscape. Businesses are now searching for innovative ways to raise brand awareness. However, having your own website is not enough for your local business to stay at the forefront of your existing and prospective customers’ mind. Your physical signage still matters. Ever heard of the famous quote that first impressions last? Even in today’s technology-driven world, business signage will still create a lasting impression on people.

If you were to compare physical signages to websites, there are key factors that should be kept in mind so your business will become highly visible to your target customers or audience. Without these basic rules and traits, it will be difficult for your business to attract potential customers. The art of branding and advertising can be quite complex but the main objective of every business is to capture the interest and attention of customers. It will be possible if your signage possesses these traits and rules:

Location Matters

The location should be your number one priority when creating signage. The display location of your signage is the place you are going to be branded. When people drive by your location, they will begin to understand who you are and what your products or services are. The more your signage is exposed, the more possibilities regular passersby will become your clientele. When it comes to visual communication, signs play a crucial role. Determining the suitable signage depends on the prospects you are trying to target. Accessibility is also essential. Pick a location where people can see, read and interact with your signage.

Size makes a huge difference!

Once you have selected a perfect location for your sign, you need to make sure that it will be visible. In marketing, bigger is not always better. A sign that is too big can be a form of distraction. On the other hand, a sign that is too small may not be able to convey the message of your brand. Think of how the size can impact your target audience. When determining the right size of your signage, always consider the placement as well.

Even if you go for the biggest size, it will only become a distraction to commuters if it is not well-placed. You should also consider the size restrictions. There are cities that do not allow billboards. You need to be familiar with the places where billboards are not allowed. Following federal regulations on outdoor advertising is also necessary. The size of the sign can either attract or repel potential customers, so be very careful.

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Styles can grab one’s attention

The advertising industry is now dominated by digital signs because of its powerful impact on marketing. While traditional billboards are still used for attracting customers, the power of digital signage to attract customers has taken business branding to the next level. Digital signs have greatly improved that it is now easy and less expensive to maintain them. Even for small businesses that are taking extra marketing steps to build their brand, digital signs are important. If you can spend more on signage styles that grab extra attention, digital signs should be one of the options to consider.

You need to know your audience and define your object to obtain well-executed signs. For business signs to be effective, they have to be relevant to the people you are trying to target. Volume may be important but it is only deemed secondary to relevance. Do not let your signage get lost in translation. Make sure that it resonates with what your customers really want. Tapping into your prospect’s emotion requires profiling your target audience, knowing their desires, fears and even ambitions.

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